Kodak unveiled the brand new HERO line of AIOs earlier this fall with much fanfare including buzz about the new Google Cloud feature, adding Kodak to the growing list of printer manufactures to jump on board the cloud.

And while they announced four new AIOs focused on the home, there was only one office printer introduced, the Office HERO 6.1. The Office HERO 6.1 is focused on the small office, home office (SOHO) market and offers print, scan, copy and fax functionality. Other offerings include a 2.4 inch LCD, 35-page ADF, automatic double-sided documents (prints, scans, copies and faxes), a 200-sheet cassette and Wi-Fi.

But the real question is what will make the Office HERO 6.1 stand out as a business capable device? We've seen many office inkjets crash and burn over the years. Not because they were terrible printers but because they were really more suitable for a home, not a small business.  So find out today if the Office HERO 6.1 is office worthy!

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